In Praise of Play School

I can’t believe the fuss caused by a 15 second segment in Playschool showing a young girl being taken to a fair by her two “mummies”.
Both Prime Minister John Howard and Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson have accused the ABC of being ‘politically correct’.
It’s a while since I watched Playschool (my youngest is now 16) but I used to watch it quite regularly with my four children. Playschool has always shown diversity without comment or sensation. Presenters have diverse ethnic backgrounds and the segments show people from all walks of life.
The rationale is that children get used to the world being made up of lots of different people who look different to each other, live different lifestyles and work in different occupations. There is nothing to explain to children. It’s just the way it is.
It’s a pity we ‘grown-ups’ can’t see the world the same way.