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A by-product of the upgrade to the new server was opening chriscurnow.com up to trackback spammers.
Oh dear, I was getting 20 – 30 a day.
Moveable Type v3 certainly makes it easier to delete trackback spam but it doesn’t stop it from getting through.
When I was using Moveable Type v2.x I had installed Jay Allen’s MT-Blacklist 1.x. It worked well but required a lot of maintenance. This version of MTB also doesn’t work with Moveable Type v3.x. So, I finally got around to installing MT-Blacklist v2. All of a sudden, no more trackback spam. Well done Jay. And, hey MTB v2 is a huge improvement over v1!
If you’re using Moveable Type you probably now about it, but just in case you don’t here is their article on combatting spam.
Elise also discusses the topic here.

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  1. Jacques Marneweck's Blog
    Jacques Marneweck's Blog says:

    Movable Type 3.16

    Movable Type 3.16 is out! I keep telling myself that I should be writing my own blog software which would do the things that I want. I think that the spamlookup plugin from the sounds of it looks great!…


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