Another (please keep me awake) iPod killer?

We note that Bleeding Edge reports on another so called (excuse me if I go to sleep here) iPod killer.

Why is every new MP3 capable release labelled the latest iPod killer? I think
Bleeding Edge has caught the disease. thinks perchance this
represents the repressed guilt of those “evil empire” patrons who love the iPod
but have deep psychological problems in bringing themselves to admit it. They’re
addicted to iPod but they have spent their lives belittling Apple and everything
that comes out of it. They desperately hope that "their side" will
come up with something about 10% as good as the iPod so they can adopt it finally
as the iPod killer and relieve themselves of the guilt of association with the
"enlightened empire."

Now of course, we hasten to point out that Bleeding Edge has always been fair
and even handed in the empire wars. The ‘Edge has consistently stated that in
its latest incarnations, Mac OS X
is the best deskttop OS going around. (Hey I might be paraphrasing a bit there
but that’s pretty close.) We also point out that we have the greatest respect
for Bleeding Edge. So in that sense it bemuses us that Bleeding Edge is so readily
jumping on the iPod killer bandwagon.

Now the Nokia n series phones of
which Bleeding Edge speaks so highly look like great phones. One of these may
well be’s next mobile appendage. But to seriously suggest the
series as potential iPod killers is seriously deluded. Can you really imagine
millions of teenages pleading with their parents to buy them a Nokia n series phone?

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