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I’ve been slightlty uncomfortable for a while now about the amount of space that Breasts have been taking up at
My justification for this has been that it is part of the world of work. The way western society has sexualised and objectified breasts is symbolic of male dominance over women. It also drives a wedge between men and women. As men our objectification of breasts often gets in the way of real relationships with women. One of the more minor effects of this is women get sick of us talking to their boobs. A much more serious effect is the power game we play by ranking breasts as though the only quality of value a woman brings with her is her breasts.
Of course, in most work situations (and is about the world of worrk), this is not played out very visibly and there a lot of men who treat their female colleagues with respect. But male dominance is a subtle but powerful sub-text to many situations.
So this is all appropriate discussion for a blog about the world of work.
However, I think breasts have come to have too much presence in this blog. I still want to pursue tthis issue as a means to provide greater understanding between men and women but I don’t think here is the right place.
So today I registered I haven’t got confirmation that I can have this domain name (I don’t think there will be any problems) so it’s not visible yet. But expect to see it around in the next few days. will still address issues of sexuality, sexaul equality and the role of sexualitty at work. We just won’t be focussing on breasts so much.

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