Mouse vs Keyoard

Bleeding Edge has created a new blog The Razor. The Razor’s Edge has just purchased a Mac and seems to be doing everything he can to turn it into a Windows PC.
In this post he discusses the shortcomings of Apple OS’s Expose – namely that the windows are too small and that you have to use the mouse to use Expose. So rather than explore what Expose is capable of the Bleeding Razor goes searching the web to find tools that emulate his PC on the Mac.
From this The Razor concludes that Mac users are overly mouse-centric.
Well, Mr Edge I’d like to cut through some of this nonsense. You can use the keyboard to do everything that Expose can do. Try F10 to invoke Expose (look at System Preferences to see/set the shortcuts for Expose tasks). Tab through the windows and then use the same shortcut to select the window and star working in it.
On a more historic note. Yes Mac users are mouse-centric. It comes from when the Mac was first released. We wanted to show off our Macs to our (then) DOS colleagues. We showed how we could use tthe mouse for everything. Not to be outdone, our DOS friends went to every length they could to show that you didn’t need to use the mouse and in the process becoming keyboard maestros.
Yes, I think Mac users over use the mouse. On the other hand, Windows users tend to over use the keyboard. But slowly, we are getting closer together.