Christmas Day

Christmas day is almost over and it’s been a wonderful day.
I still love Christmas Day.
It started off sunny but cool this morning but has been overcast most of the day here in Melbourne. We’ve even had some showers.
The Curnows start Christmas day with everyone opening presents. Everyone is living at home at the moment except Rachel who arrived with her boyfriend Shad at 8am. This ritual means a lot to our family. Then we were off to Church at 9:30. We were once very regular church goers, but only make it a couple of times a year now. The Church we attend has a new Pastor. It was nice to hear a man speak deeply from the heart with true feeling but not preaching as I would call it. It was nice to catch up with some lovely friends from Church as well.
Then it was home for Christmas Dinner. The smallest we have had for many years. My Mum left this world late last year and now of the Grandparents it is only Judy’s Dad left. He and Rachel’s boyfriend were our only guests as my sister and brother were celebrating with the other halves of their families this year.
We have very traditional Christmas fare. Roast pork, cold chicken and ham and lots of roast veggies all followed by plum pudding.
It was lovely to see our four girls playing with their new DVD edition of Trivial Pursuit in the afternoon as Judy, her Dad and I talked around the table (Shad went off for a sleep.)
After everyone left, I finally got running again and have enjoyed writing a couple of entries here.
I feel good, warm and relaxed.
Rituals are really important to me. I hope you have enjoyed some this Christmas Day as well.
Best wishes to you..

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