An absolutely beautiful day

It has been an absolutely beautiful day in Anglesea today.

I have been talking to my daughters in Melbourne and apparently it has been
really hot there. Not so here. It felt like it was going to get really hot
this morning around 9am so I closed all the windows in the house. We just
stayed inside preparing ourselves for the heat that was to come. But when
we went outside around 10:30 it was cooler outside than in.

Being Friday, we went down to the Surfing Albatross (I’ll add the link when
I get my photoblog running again.) to have breakfast. The coffee is good down
there but the poached eggs we had were the hardest poached egss I have ever
had. With new owners, the staff are new and very slow. Although going back
through my diaries, they seem to always have been slow – through three owners!
Anyway it was nice to have breakfast.

The other big ritual in the Curnow house is that we have home-made pizza
on Friday night, so we came back to the house and I made the dough before
heading down to the beach. If you haven’t been to Anglesea on a day like today,
you should. It was glorious. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, it was maybe
25 or 26 degrees and the tide was out. It just doesn’t get better than this.

I also realised how relaxing it was. Just sitting there, doing a bit of walking
or a bit of swimming. Nothing to think about in particular, just relaxing.
I hope I can keep relaxed for a little while into January after this holiday
is over.

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