Another Fine Day

[Updated 8/1/06]

When I woke up this morning at 7:30 there was not a cloud in the sky. I’ve
seen that happen so many times down here. At 7:30 it is clear. By 9am it is
completely overcast and I had given up hope of it being a beach day.

However, the strange weather conditions continued and by 1pm there wasn’t
a cloud in the sky and it turned into a beautiful afternoon. Probably a couple
of degrees below perfect, but very nice nevertheless.

It made me think about how the weather on holiday changes my mood. Yesterday
afternoon I just read but ended up with a "stuffy" head. It was
nice for one day to catch up with reading. But by this morning I was feeling
down about the thought of another day to cool to go to the beach. I guess
it’s just tied up with my earliest memories of summer holidays.Summer holidays
are about the beach and if I can’t go to the beach, then I don’t feel I’m
on holiday.

Anyway, three of our girls joined us down here yesterday and we all went
to the beach.

After that a BBQ dinner at the Coogoorah
and now we are back at the house with the girls watching Grey’s
and playing Trivial
in the ad breaks. Outside, the crickets are singing reminding
me that it is summer in Australia.

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