If this is global warming – bring it on!

[Updated 8/1/06]

Just joking about the title. I really think global warming is an extremely
serious issue and I’m upset at Howard’s refusal to ratify Kyoto. But January
is light hearted month so I’m being a bit flippant.

What I really mean by the title is that it is another fine day down here
at Anglesea and in my lighthearted mood thought of the title. So far, I’ve
been to the beach everyday except New Year’s Day. It’s looking the best beach
holiday I’ve had for years.

Today was a tad cooler than the other days with a bit of a cooler breeze
and light patchy cloud cover.

One of our traditional things to do on family holiday is to go to Lorne
for an afternoon. Many times we have done this on cooler days. A few times
it has been cold or raining on the day we go to Lorne.

Not so this year, although I was the only one to go swimming. I had left
my rasher and sunscreen back at the house so I kept my t-shirt on. The waves
are always bigger at Lorne and today they were really good. They are also
quite even with each wave pretty much the same height for the full length
of the beach.

It’s quite an amazing experience standing there and seing a wall of water
heading towards you. I’ve been mucking around body
for most of my life but the last few years I’ve tried to get more
serious about it. I got dumped quite badly a couple of years ago and I realised
I had to be more careful until I have more experience with big waves. So I
let some of the bigger waves go through but some were really fantastic. I
ended up staying in the water for nearly and hour and a half. I was pretty
cold when I got out.

Afterwards we all had coffee and some cakes at The
, which is probably the oldest continuously operating cafe in Lorne.

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