Back at work

I’ve been back at work for nearly two weeks now. You might have noticed I haven’t posted anything during that time.
The first week back from holiday, I treated it more or less like an extension to the break. I just didn’t want to start work again. I had really enjoyed my holiday. I had loved my holiday. I was determined not to get onto the treadmill again. (How many times have I said that before. I think I may have even wrote it here this time last year.) It was a nice week last week. I went to bed about midnight most nights and I was getting up at 8. Quite relaxing.
This week I felt like I had to get back to work. I had to earn some money for a start. But I also wanted to start acting. To start making contact with people again and get over the hesitance to put myself out there.
I haven’t been working at 100% but I have got some things done. It is nice to write here again at last. There is so much I want to write about. I hope I get the chance to write more regularly again this year.
Let’s see.

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