Summer in Melbourne

It’s been a hot day in Melbourne. And, as often happens here in summer, the day ended with a thunderstorm. This is a picture I took about an hour ago from the beach at Mordialloc
There are major bushfires around the state and the firefighters are sweating on a wind change and some rain. It looks like the relief will be short though. The weather bureau is predicting that it will be warm to hot through until next Tuesday. The only relief is that there will be some rain each day during this period.
The fires started last Sunday when it was over 40 in Melbourne and have been continuing ever since.
ABC local radio has had extensive coverage of the bushfire situation. Normally the Cricket takes precedence over everything else on ABC radio in summer, but the bushfires are so serious, that we are now only getting updates in breaks of the fire coverage.
It was really hot last Sunday. Judy and I went to the moves to escape the heat for a couple of hours. The famous Melbourne cool change came through early in the evening so we opened all the windows to let the house cool down. In the morning, when I got to my computer, there was ash on the keyboard. IT wasn’t black but it was very noticeable.
It’s cooled down a bit tonight after the thunderstorm, but it’s still very warm and humid. We’re in for a warm night.

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