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Here is Oliver, the latest addition to the Curnow family. We have had pets before. But never a dog! We’ve had goldfish, guinnea pigs and rabbits (x4 who all died) but never a dog. Miriam is the youngest Curnow and really wanted rabbits nearly ten years ago. Every one of them, even Lucky, died for one reason or another – mostly because of mixomitosis (sp?).

Rachel, the oldest Curnow, desperately wanted a dog when she was 13. But with the Curnow lifestyle at the time it simply wasn’t possible. We could never guarantee that someone would be home every day.

Then, about a year ago, Miriam, the youngest Curnow, started asking for a dog. About Christmas time, we agreed that she could have one. She decided she needed to get it during the holidays so she could look after it as it adjusted to its new surroundings. Miriam had a false start last weekend when, after she had had her heart set on a Beagle, the Vet she rang suggested that a Beagle may not be the best choice for a first dog. After putting herslef to bed for and hour in disappointement she got back to the task and set her self on a Maltese-Shitzu cross.

A quick search in the Trading Post and there was one in Dromana. So down she went and fell in love with the dog you see here immediatley. The owner said the puppy would be ready to pick up on Sunday, but that was brought forward to Saturday and so home came ‘Pups” yesterday.

A day in coming, after consulting the whole family, Miriam decided on the name ‘Oliver’. So here he is. He is so cute.

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  1. Miriam Jones
    Miriam Jones says:

    Very sweet! Are you taking him to classes? We took ours to “puppy kindergarten” and then “level one”; should have gone further but life intervened (I got pregnant and training the dog seemed less important).


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