Update on Spam blocking

A few days ago I posted regarding how good I found MT-Blacklist, a spam blocking plugin for the Moveable Type publishing system.
Well thanks to a Bleeding Edge Entry I found out about SpamLookup. Developed by Brad Choate, SpamLookup is actually a combination of previous plugins, bringing together centralised blacklist blocking, DNS checking and additional comment moderation features. MT-Blacklist author, Jay Allen, has this to say:

Many times, MT-Blacklist has been characterized as the “Swiss Army knife of weblog spam defenses” for Movable Type by a lot of different people, and rightly so.

But if that’s true, SpamLookup, a new plugin by Brad Choate, is the whole damn Swiss Army.

(Read the whole entry here.)
Nothing is getting through now. I’m sure I will get some eventually but it is a quantum leap over even MT-Blacklist my previously considered best anti spam tool for Moveable Type.

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