Breast cancer gets a guernsey at home of footbal

The Age reports this morning on the wonderful efforts of Breast Cancer Network of Australia CEO, Lyn Swinburne. Swinburne, herself a breast cancer survivor, has organised for 10,500 women wearing pink ponchos to gather on the hallowed turf of the Melbourne Cricket Ground (the home of Australian football) before the Melbourne – Adelaide match next friday evening.
As well as representing a fantastic opportunity to raise breast cancer awareness, this represents the broadening views of the Australian Footbal League which has worked very hard over recent years to present itself and the game as equally appealling to women as to men. was launched, nearly a year ago, with a (what we at least thought was a ) scathing attack on the sexual attitudes of some of the players in the AFL (two of who had just recently been accused of rape). Whilst we are convinced that sexist attitudes towards women are still prevalent amongst some sections of the playing group, we applaud the efforts of the league to bring a broader perspective to the game.
(The Age report also notes that 100 people will wear blue ponchos representing the number of men diagnosed with breast cancer annually.)
It’s almost enough to make us want to attend the game.

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