One Year Old today

Well celebrations all around at the den. posted our first entry one year ago today.
Over the last year we have had difficulty deciding exactly what we are. However, we have stayed loosely true to the theme “A search for enduring purpose and meaning in work.”
Technology has crept in more than I would like it to have – but hey I like technology.
Writing about Rebecca Twigley’s dress at the Australian Football League’s Brownlow presentation sent the Google searches through the roof – all for the wrong reasons.
We had a fairly long hiatus from about October through to March where not much was posted. I just love writing and I found it really hard when I just didn’t have time to write. But such is life.
In all this is post # 121 in a year. I thought I would do a lot more than that. But it is hard work. I guess you notice we can’t make up our mind whether we are “we” or “I”. I’ve been reading Bleeding Edge too much and I just fall into the habit. I really like “we” but it feels like I am just stealing Bleeding Edge’s style.
It’s been a great ride and I don’t intend to stop anytime soon. Let’s just wait and see what happens.