Different Personalities

Another fine day in Anglesea.

It was overcast with a few sunny breaks this morning when we woke up. So
many times I’ve been down here and woken up to an overcast sky and wondered
what it was going to do. I always live in hope that it will burn off to a
fine sunny aternoon. But most times it doesn’t. It was a bit hopeful today
because the sunny breaks kept appearing and it had an air of warmth about
it. But when we got to the beach around 3:30, it was still quite cool when
the sun went behind a clound and the inland sky was quite overcast. It was
pleasant enough so we decided to stay. The tide fairly high and running in.

Between 5 and 5:30, the tide turned and the sky became completely clear.
There is a change to the sound of the waves after the tide turned. It becomes
gentler and subtly quiter. Combined with the clear sky and drop in the wind
it had an overall feeling of gentleness. A feeling that the day was coming
to an end and was winding down.

It all made me think how the personality of the beach changes during the
day and from day to day. There is nothing like the beach down here when the
tide is a low ebb. It has a lazy feel to it. Especially if it is also sunny.
The tide turning in late afternoon has a different feeling. Perhaps there
is a subconscious fear that the advancing tide will keep coming. When it turns,
there is relief. Nature is still in control and its patterns are still reliable.
She has protected rather than harming us.

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