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Symphony and the power of intention

In this article I discuss the connection between AWARENESS, INTENTION and SYMPHONY. When you walked in the front door of your office this morning what was in your mind? I’m guessing there were probably 101 things ranging from dealing with an under-performing staff member to the argument you had with your teenager this morning. Perhaps […]

Education standards are falling?

Do you think education standards are falling? I would hazard a guess that almost everyone reading this completed Year 9 (of Form 3) Maths (or Math is some countries.) Here are some questions from the 2009 Year 9 NAPLAN Numeracy test. See how you go. You’re welcome to tell me what you think the answers […]

Silicon Valley sidelines best talent

The NYT article here raises two issues dear to our hearts at The Spiral Path: discrimination against women in the workplace and cultures that frustrate innovation. In another string to the argument business is irrational and makes decisions that hinder productivity and profit,  this piece in the New York Times points out the prevailing culture of […]

Education is broken – but it doesn’t have to be

If you read this blog regularly you will know that my heart weeps for education. At a time in which the world faces its greatest ever challenges, we are returning to models of education that were essentially developed 200 years ago. In Australia, we have the NAPLAN and MySchool which are regressive simplistic measures of student and […]

Clara Schumann

Do a google search on Schumann and you will most likely find references to Robert Schumann, the 19th century composer. You won’t immediately find that his wife Clara Schumann, was also a noted composer and virtuoso pianist. As an interesting aside there was a strong and complex relationship between Robert, Clara and Johannes Brahms

Marie Curie

Marie Curie‘s name is intimately associated with the discovery of ‘radioactivity.’ This is not accurate as that discovery belongs to Henri Becquerel. To me precise she isolated the active radioactive source within pitchblende. Starting with several tonnes of pitchblende working with he husband Pierre, she isolated one gram of pure Radium. From the Nobel Prize website: […]

Frank Tate

Frank Tate was Victoria’s first Director of Education. Reading his biography is an amazing experience. Here was someone who was passionate about education and an educational reformer. He addressed issues we think of as modern. Tate was not content to be a routine inspector and embarked on a personal crusade to revive Victorian state education. […]