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in both Education & Private Enterprise

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Chris combines 30 years business experience with his undying passion for public education. With early achievements in education (starting out as a classroom teacher and rising to position of Principal School Improvement Officer) Chris was lured into the world of private enterprise running a software development business. Throughout that time he never lost his passion for public education and now offers that combination of business and education experience to challenge school leaders to find their courage and aim to develop the best schools in the world.

Are you ready for the challenge?

Are you a school leader?

Do you aspire to be a school leader?

Do you have someone ready to be a school leader?

Do you have the courage to start the journey?

Courageous School Leadership

That’s why I developed Courageous School Leadership. You, as a leader, simply can’t do all this on your own. I can’t do it all for you either. But I can help you maintain your compass bearing in the face of all these issues. If that interests you, please browse the rest of this site to see some of the detail of what I do. And, more importantly, what you are really capable of. And together we can hold a vision of developing the best schools in the world.