Thanks so much for visiting my site. I hope we get a chance to work together.

Since you’ve taken the trouble to come here you probably want to know a bit about me, my passion for education, and how Courageous School Leadership – a set of activities aimed at developing the best schools in the world – came about.

I started my professional career as a teacher at (what was then) Cheltenham High School teaching Physics, Science, Maths & Computer Education. While there I helped establish the school’s first Curriculum Committee (to which I was elected Chair), led a number of whole school curriculum days, co-ordinated development of a number of significant policies and, at the request of the School Council, oversaw the purchase of the School’s first computer and set up the Computer Education Program.

From there I moved to Mentone Girls’ High School. Having two daughters at the time (and although I didn’t know it at the time, another two to come) I was interested to see first hand the difference single sex education made for girls. As senior Physics teacher I made a contribution to how the school thought about its pedagogy and guided the introduction of Apple II computers.

Having gained extensive experience at the school level and having started my Master of Education Studies (in School Innovation and Change) at Monash I was given a position as a Curriculum Consultant at Ashwood School Support Centre and then as Principal School Improvement Officer at Eastern Metropolitan Region. Among other things this position was responsible for implementation of the School Improvement Plan in the region. Working in the Regional Office also gave me the opportunity to mentor school principals facing the challenges of massive change occurring at the time.

Then it was 1990.

In my reading of the glorious history of Education in Victoria, I would regard this as its darkest chapter. With the state in a parlous financial position every government department had to cut costs. Morale amongst teachers was at an all time low and the first to go were school support staff such as myself. Attractive redundancy packages were offered and many of the best teachers took them. Without counting myself amongst the best I was one of those to leave.

I had an opportunity to undertake a large software development project with an Aviation Company. With such a tenuous hold on continued employment in education, I took it.

I have been involved in software development ever since. My company is currently developing a cloud based construction cost control application which we plan to launch globally later this year.

During this time I have never lost my keen interest in organisational change and innovation. I completed a Graduate Diploma in Business (Organisation Change and Development) at RMIT and a two year Executive Certificate of Leadership at Swinburne. Very early on in my software development work I came to realise that every client request for software actually represented an organisational problem and ended up consulting to and mentoring CEOs and senior managers about seemingly intractable issues in their business.

In the late 90s I had the opportunity to work in the Centre for Performance Improvement at PwC for a couple of years and I worked on several other learning and development projects.

From all this experience I developed Courageous Leadership as a container for this work. Completing the circle of my career, having never lost my passion for education, I am now offering Courageous School Leadership as a group of activities aimed at developing the best schools in the world. You can read more about it in these pages.

While I’m not at work, I enjoy the company of my beautiful partner, Judy, our four adult daughters (two of them accomplished teachers), and our two young grandchildren.