More technical problems

Boy, Oh, Boy. The technical problems keep rolling in.
After the server crashed a couple of weeks ago, we reinstalled our weblog on another computer. We thought it was all working beautifully and left for a couple of weeks R&R by the beach. We wanted to post some entries from here and everything was set up.
But as soon as we got down here and tried to log in, we couldn’t. Just wouldn’t work. Didn’t take much to find that the problem was with the mySQL server that runs this site. Turns out it wasn’t running. But why? Won’t bore you with the details. Suffice it to say that after days of research and phone calls, the problem was very easy to fix. Embarassingly easy.
Anyway, we are up and running again. You’ll see that I have added a few entries on past dates. These were the dates I wrote the entries so I thought it was only right to date them accordingly.

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