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Towards a democratic vision for schools

This is something I wrote many years ago. But as I reread it, it is just as relevant today as it was then. In 1984, I transferred from the co-educational high school in which I began teaching (in 1977) to a girls’ high school nearby. The change was to revolutionize my view of teaching. Up […]

Embrace Conflict – Stand up and fight

This is part two of two articles dealing with conflict. In the previous article I discussed the importance of listening to conflicting views. In this piece I talk about how teams can use constructive conflict to become more effective. Well I don’t mean physically, but I’ll come back to that a bit later. I have […]

Listen, you might find wisdom

This is part one of two dealing with conflict. In this article I discuss the importance of listening to conflicting views. I just typed the term ‘conflict resolution’ into my search engine. I got 425,000,000 hits. It’s a hot topic alright. It’s hot because there’s so much conflict in our organisations and schools are no […]

If you can dream it, you can do it.

A few years back, I was on the leadership team of a small community organisation. We had decided to have a leadership retreat one weekend. The weekend came and we were ride sharing to get to the venue. The person who I was sharing with was a senior executive at the time with a major […]

Pink Drive

Just been reading Dan Pink’s latest book Drive – the surprising truth about what motivates us. One of those books I read to confirm everything I already believe about motivation. As Pink says, we’ve know what really motivates people for decades, but we still cling to motivational techniques (eg pay linked to KPIs) that all […]

What happens when purpose is forgotten?

Haven’t been following Queensland much lately but wondered why everyone was saying Anna Bligh was so toxic in the state. Went searching and found this fascinating and articulate article on the topic. The biggest danger for political parties of all persuasions is a focus on power for power’s sake. NSW Labor comes to mind and […]

The modern world began in 1919

“The Modern World began on 29 May 1919 when photographs of a solar eclipse, taken on the island of Principe off West Africa and at Sobral in Brazil, confirmed the truth of a new theory of the universe.”1 The new theory of the universe was Einstein’s General Relativity, a radical, mysterious, new explanation of gravity, […]


I finally got around to watching this talk by Seth Godin on Tribes this morning. It got me thinking about another discussion I’ve been having recently on Thought Leaders Central regarding the perennial Mac vs PC debate. We don’t make buying decisions based on which product best suits our needs at the lowest cost. At one […]