Familiar Places

[Ed: I have decided to date the posting of the next few entries as the
date they were posted, but indicate at the top of each entry the date they
were written. This is because chriscurnow.com has been down for a few days
and I haven’t been able to post. My idea is that this will make it easier
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Written: Monday 26th December

Walking into the house was a warming feeling. Yes, that’s right our bedroom
is the second door on the left. Down a bit further straight ahead is the bathroom.
Ah, I remember the lino on the floor and the late 60s shower recess. Back
out and to the right is the kitchen with the pantry forming the corridor.

The back of the pantry and the
part of the kitchen facing the main living area is lined in yellowing pine.
If I owned this place I would do something about that. In fact, I would do
something about almost everything. It’s clean and comfortable, but everything
is just that little bit less than what you want. Except the fridge which was
new last time we were here. Check the cupboard and yes they have a serviceable
toaster. Last time we ended up buying a toaster because the one that was here
was so old we felt it was dangerous. But for our holiday it’s nice.

Back to our bedroom and the small
desk I write from is still here. Ah the bed. It is only a double. But as I
remember it was comfortable enough. Oh yes the full length bedroom window
looks out onto the house next door which looks close enough to touch. Just
another feature of the house that takes that 10% off. It’s OK. There are no
windows on that side of the next door house, but it just cramps you more than
you would like.

The main living area is much
the same. The chairs are the same. They could be better but they are OK. Oh
I remember the TV. I’m remembering how we connect the video and watch DVDs
through the computer. Ah, there’s a ceiling fan now and one thing we really
like about this house ∆ an air-conditioner.

Well, after a long, hard year,
we’re finally here. We unpacked the car, had a cup of tea and mince tarts
and settled in.

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