Familiar Places II

Written Tuesday 27th December 2005

We had a slow start to the day today. We were both really tired and enjoyed
the sleep in. I often walk each morning when I’m here but not today. We went
down to the Surfing Albatross for coffee. The ‘Albatross has changed owners
since last year and all the staff are new. The look new and inexperienced.
It’s something about this place. They always seem to have inexperienced staff.
Tbis has been a constant over three owners. The music was far too loud and
it took 20 minutes for us to get our coffees. We come here because it is the
only cafe here with room to spread out and read the paper and write, and when
you get it, the coffee is good.

Later in the day, I went down to the beach. It was a hot day with a predicted
maximum for Melbourne of 35 and it felt close to that. Judy decided to stay
back at the house and I had the choice of going to the closer main beach or
travel a bit further and go to the more familiar family beach. I chose the

Even getting out of the car in the car park put me into a different space. I
took a deep breath and immediately relaxed a little. Then with a sense of
anticipation I walked most of the length of the car park to the entry to the
beach. As I got there I could see the tide was fully out. The beach looks
magnificent when it’s like this. Then onto the beach itself and I experienced
an overwhelming feeling of relaxation. Just being here changed my whole outlook.
It was a time when I was able to forget all the anxiety and apprehension that
had built up over the year. I knew it would return later, but for the moment
I was free.

After having a swim, I decided to walk over to the main beach and back anyway.
It took two and a half hours. Although I did have a couple of short swims
because it was so hot. It was a fantastic day and I returned to the house
feeling quite different.

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