New Year’s Day

It’s 1pm and it’s been raining for an hour in Anglesea. Judy and I are down
at the Surfing Albatross and the usually quiet cafe is packed. All the people
who would normally be in the courtyard are inside and some extra people have
come in because there’s nothing else to do. Everyone’s go wet hair and several
people have beach towels wrapped around themselves. Quite a few people have
waterproof jackets on. And the surest sign that it’s cold and wet is the number
of toddlers in pushers. It’s an amazing contrast to yesterday which was itself
an amazing day.

We had a mild day but all around us the state was sweltering. In Melbourne
(North East of here) it reached a New Year’s Eve record of 42, 46 in Horsham
to our West and 41 in Ballarat to our North West. At 10:30 the Bureau issued
an ammended predicted maximum of 32 because the wind had turned to the south
but, after a brief pause, the mercury continued to climb until the maxium
was reached at 5pm

After the change last night in Melbourne it dropped to 25. That’s Melbourne.
Sweltering hot one day and raining cool the next.

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  1. Lachlan
    Lachlan says:

    Hey, I think I may have seen you in that cafe. Not the day that you’re talking about, but I’m pretty sure I saw you. I was staying in the caravan park down on the beach at the time and I’d gone up to that cafe with my parents. I kept trying to sneak a look at what sort of laptop you had but every time I tried you’d cast a look in my direction. I managed to see the sticker on the back of it though, and here I am. Looks like the sticker worked!

  2. Chris Curnow
    Chris Curnow says:

    That’s great. It is an Apple PowerBook G4 17″. Sorry I put you off by glancing at you. It would have been good to catch up. If you see me again, make sure you say hello.
    Do you have a website or blog?
    best regards

  3. Lachlan
    Lachlan says:

    Apple! Bah, Windows all the way for me. I do sort of have a blog, I haven’t really done anything with it for ages though, still got Christmassy stuff on it. I’ll be down at Anglesea again around the same time next year too, I might see you then.

  4. Chris Curnow
    Chris Curnow says:

    I’ve been an Apple man since before there was Windows. I still have two Apple //c’s. The //c was almost a portable. The ‘c’ stood for compact. It had a handle, but the monitor was separate and it didn’t have a battery. Came standard with a whopping 128k (yes that’s ‘k’ NOT ‘m’) of RAM and no hard disk.
    All being well I’ll be down in Anglesea for the two weeks after Christmas again next year. Hope to see you then.

  5. Lachlan
    Lachlan says:

    128k RAM? Is that enough to run ANYTHING? My family and I get down there the Saturday after Christmas and are there for three weeks, so there’s probably a good chance I’ll see you at some stage.

  6. Chris Curnow
    Chris Curnow says:

    The first computer we bought in 1978 had 16K RAM because we were waiting for the other 32K to arrive in the country.
    Sure you could do a lot with 48k. We even had MS floating point BASIC and a word processor. Of course we didn’t have a GUI. We loaded the OS from a floppy (5 1/2″) each time we booted it up. We had games and I even wrote some BASIC programs with data structures.
    Just remember, they went to the moon with 16k!
    Look forward to catching up with you at Anglesea.


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