Seachange at Barwon Heads

[Updated 8/1/05]

It was an overcast cool day today so we headed to the second of our traditional
holiday destinations – Barwon Heads, home of the ABC
series Seachange.

We were big fans of the Seachange series so the first time we came
to Anglesea after the series first screened, we headed down to Barwon Heads
to sea the township for ourselves. We’ve been going down once each year since.
We have to go to The Heads (Bar, Cafe, Resteraunt) which was orginally
Diver Dan‘s
in the series but has not been turned
into a 70 seat resteraunt. Althought only part of the original boatshed remains,
we really like what they have done with it. Barwon Heads has really capitalised
on the popularity of the TV show.

We normally get there late in the afternoon and just have coffee and the
kids have wedges. Today though we planned a bit better and got there in time
for lunch.Well we thought we planned a bit better. We got there by about 2pm
but we nearly missed out on getting a table. There was no room left in the
main resteraunt, but they found a table in a side room. The meals there are
really good and we enjoyed it very much.

After that we went to Queenscliff, had a bit of a look around and then had
afternoon tea at The Accoustic Cafe
[I’ll try to get around to posting some photos] the last of our traditional
activities. We went there a few years ago and I fell in love with their courtyard.
I liked it so much I built one, including ponds, outside our loungeroom.

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