Fully Restored

chriscurnow.com is now fully restored.
The chriscurnow.com server came back at the start of this week after having a logic board transplant and all is OK. It’s hard drive survived the ordeal intact which is absolutely fantastic news.
We have upgraded to Moveable Type v 3.2 and to the latest version of mySQL. We had some heartstopping moments on the way but we solved all the problems that arose. We learnt stuff about backing up restoring mySQL databases and lots of command line stuff. A good experience but one we would rather not have had to have just now.
We now have to look at the new Moveable Type templates and style sheets and see if there is anything we want to change. So over the coming weeks you might see some more changes to the formats. Hopefully all will be for the better.
Throughout it all we learnt the second rule of backing up – always backup everything AFTER you have had a crash.
Of course we are yet to fully learn the first rule of backing up – always backup everything REGULARLY.
It would help if we had a tape drive but unfortunately we just can’t quite justify the expense. So we still backup to DVDs which is a big drag.
Anyway, back to regular blogging.

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  1. Breast Stories
    Breast Stories says:

    Fully restored

    As chriscurnow notes here, the chriscurnow.com server is now fully restored. The good news from this is that BreastStories is also now fully restored. Not a single entry, comment, trackback or other jot of information was lost over the crash….


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