Poor standards in commentary

I’m really disappointed in the commentary on the Victorian [Australia] governments release of the “On Track” survey showing the paths that 2003 Year 12 students have taken this year. Not surprisingly the survey has found that a greater proportion of...

Scribblingwoman on tour

Scribblingwoman has been writing about her trip to England. This entry is worth it just for the dialogue right at the end with ‘Jinker Boy’.

Fuzzy thinking is just fuzzy thinking

Kevin Donnelly demonstrates just how fuzzy is his own thinking in Fuzzy thinking leads to failure in The Age Education Supplement today. His opening few paras aren’t too bad. He’s spot on when he quotes Ken Rowe’s research that the main determinant...

I’m back did anyone notice I was gone?

The heading says it all. I got involved in a project last week and found myself exhausted at the end of each day. Just no time for writing – the thing I love most. Hope I can keep it up. Let’s see how it goes.

Fast Company on Whole Foods

Check out this Fast Company article on Whole Foods which, in Jason Kottke’s words, “[is a] successful blend of hard-core capitalism and social responsibility.” (via Kottke) Hopefully we will get around to some more commentary on this article a bit...