Holden finds soft stuff is the hard stuff

Holden is not exactly the environment you expect to see Emotional Intelligence high on the agenda. But according to Catherine Fox’s piece in the August edition of BOSS magazine that’s been a key ingredient in getting Holden’s latest V6 production plant up and running.
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This $400 million plant was Holden’s biggest investment in decades. Fox continues:

The hurdles were all about people and leadership. No one had banked on the need to mesh the various personalities in the team, most of whomhad never worked together before.

I am still surprised that managers and project managers get taken into the fantasy that the project is all about managing deadlines, resources, critical paths and tasks. The thought that people issues might be important never seems to be covered until the project gets off the ground.
People issues are always the important issues in a project. Projects on tight deadlines create high anxiety and high anxiety creates people issues.
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