Mangers not MBAs

Henry Mintzberg

Here’s a book I haven’t read but it is on my wish list. Mintzberg is
one of my favourite authors.

I’m not sure if I have ever held MBAs in high regard. From the reviews
I’ve read Mintzberg is offering his insight into what is wrong with
this form of "management training".

From getAbstract:

He marshals a powerful array of facts to support his thesis that
graduate schools of business have perpetrated one of the most successful
con jobs in history.

On his own site, Mintzberg offers the observation that Convetional
MBA programs are offered for the wrong people – "young people with
little or no experience"; traing them in the wrong ways – "to
emphasize analysis and technique" and result in the wrong consequences
– "a corrupting effect on the practice of management as well as
on our organizations and societies".

Instead, he argues, that these programs should only be offered to experienced
practicing managers: "No one can create a manager in a classroom.
But existing managers can significantly improve their practice in a
thoughtful classroom that makes use of that experience."

That dress is a serious blog. Certainly we don’t mind the odd bit of humour but in general we like to relate it to somewhat meaty issues.
We tried to have a serious dicussion about the issues around the kind of dresses worn by persons of the opposite … er … you know … oh dash let’s just say the opposite. We’re trying to avoid any words that are going to be picked up in search engines of those who search for those kinds of words.
Well in discussing the dress worn by one member of the said opposite to the awards ceremony of another certain type of person we noticed our hits going through the roof.
People of a certain kind were search for the name of a certain person of said opposite, who wore a garment of a certain colour and whose certain anatomical parts normally kept at least a little private were instead made rather public.
We were a little saddened by it actually.
After all the words put into political, social and organisational commentary, it was an attempt to analyse an important social phenomenom that resulted in our record for number of visitors being brocken. But elas, we can only presume that the rise was the result of people seeking gratification of more base desires.
Oh well ;-(

Blogging & personal crises

What is it about blogging and personal crises.
We notice that Bleeding Edge was constrained by a personal crisis a while back.
Now has been struck by one. Not the worst personal crisis we have suffered in our lives, but stressful and time consuming enough to prevent any recent posts. Hope to be back in full swing in about a week.
See you then.