What do you do on holidays

Well. If you’re reading this, you, like me, got past Christmas.
For me this year it was a really wonderful family time. A really good Christmas. Sad, but good. Christmas has always been an important time in my family. First as a child and then starting our own family we have continued the tradition. I’ll be posting a short clip of our Christmas in the next couple of days.

But now, for thinking about the year that was and what might be the year to come. I always take leave immediately after Christmas for two weeks. I nearly didn’t this year but I am really glad I did. This is sacred time.
Being a creature of habit, we also have our family holiday in Anglesea on Victoria’s South-West coast about 1.5 hours from Melbourne. (I’ll be posting some Anglesea pix in the next few days as well.)
When we got here on Sunday night and after we had finished unpacking the car, setting up the rented house and had some dinner, I went down to the beach. When I got there and walked along the beach at about 10pm, I realised why I keep coming back here. The Anglesea beach – the Pt Roadnight beach to be precise – is a sacred site for me. It is invigorating. It is soulful. I have spent many hundreds of hours on this beach in all kinds of weather at different times of the year. When I walk onto this beach when there is no-one else around, I re-connect with a very deep part of myself. I re-connect with my personel rasion d’etre. It brings me back to my purpose in work.
Blogging was one of my greatest discoveries this year. It cost me dearly in financial terms because I got caught up in it and dropped the ball on cashflow. But personally, I was in heaven when I was posting every day.
My half hour at the internet cafe is about to run out so this story will continue…

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