Is femminism dead?

All twentieth century movements have outlived their usefulness and are now dead!
At least this is the view of modern conservatives. They have given up trying to argue that trade unions, for instance, never had a place. Their argument is that yes, the workers did need collectivism in the bad old days when the privileged classes were making obscene profits at the expense of the underprivileged members of society. (Hmmm, I wonder what’s changed? I’m sure if we transported the proponents of this view back 100 years, they would be arguing that trade unions will destroy industry.)
Feminism gets the same treatment. Media Girl puts it like this:

And yet the men shake their heads. Feminism is outdated. Feminism is unreasonable. Feminism means man-hating. Women got the right to vote ages ago, so what’s the big deal? Appeal denied.

Yeah sure. Women are equally represented in corporate boardrooms and executive management? Women are equally represented in public office? Women are no longer vastly more likely to be subject to abuse?
These are only the tips of the iceberg in the way we men entrench of privilege and deny opportunities to women. Rather than denying the ongoing need for feminist action:

Maybe some of these self-appointed experts on what is and isn’t good feminism can turn their insightful gaze upon themselves, and explain to us poor hapless females the origins and justifications and reasons for the persistence of male privilege and institutional patriarchy. Media Girl

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