I have had several conversations lately regarding the loneliness of leadership. Most of these have involved people struggling to get a new business idea off the ground. You look around and you see new, seemingly successful businesses springing up everywhere. Quite often you read about someone having an idea, trying it out and everything falls into place straight away.
We all dream of that outcome. We all want it to be that easy. But for every success story like this there are hundreds where it is just years of hard slog. Sometimes it is because the business idea is nuts. It has no chance of being successful. But often, the idea is exceptional. The person has boundless enthusiasm and seems to be doing all the right things. But growth is painstakingly slow.
That is one of the fundamental principles of what we call “Quantum Leadership”. You can put all the right parameters in place but you can’t guarantee the result you want. But if you keep putting yourself in different places and different perspectives, the “right” result will come. You can’t predict what the right result will be but when it comes, you will know it is right.
For some people, the right result comes after the first toss of the coin. They are just plain lucky. For most of us it is a hard slog over many years. But if we believe in the process, the right result will come if you are prepared to wait for it.