Deep Conversations

A colleague and I are currently planning a forum for leaders. At our most recent
planning session, my colleague brought along her copy of Synchronicty. A book I love but had allowed
to slip to the back of my mind. I had lent my copy to a friend so hadn’t read
it for a while. My thirst for this book was so rekindled, that I went out and
bought another copy. (I decided to make a gift of the copy I had lent.)

The last chapter is one of the most moving pieces of writing I have in my collection.
Tears were rolling down my cheeks as I re-read it in a cafe yesterday.

The chapter describes a meeting organised by Peter
and others at Bretton Woods,
New Hampshire, USA. It was a "three-day gathering of about 350 people who
had been actively engaged in creating learning organizations and communities.
The intent of the gathering … was to engage in deep conversation about what
had been learned so far."

The location for the conference was highly significant. The Mount Washington
Hotel, was the site of the 1944
International Monetary Conference
which set the parameters for postwar monetary
stability required for reconstruction. In 1994 it was also the site of amazing
scenes as deep conversations became the source of powerful events in the lives
of those present. believes that deep conversations always lead to powerful changes.
We invite you to seek out opportunities for deep converstation and look to how
you will help to form the future.

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