We were at the AHRI dinner the other night. A gala event by any standard and
we were delighted to make the acquaintence of Colin and Patrina.

During the course of the conversation we started discussing the difference
between Fate and Destiny.

Just semantics perhaps, but for some reason Spiral Path felt there was a difference.

Fate, we associate with fatalism. A feeling that there are things we can’t
do anything about. We don’t understand them but they happen anyway. We associate
fate with things we don’t want to happen. Of course literature is replete
with counter examples – for example "that fateful moment" may refer to the
one were two lives first intersected and from which a lifelong partenership
arose. Regardless, we feel we had no control over what happened. The meeting
was determined by something outside of us.

Destiny on the other hand Spiral Path believes is something we partner with. In
the strict sense of the word it sounds like, and probably is, from the same
derivation as ‘destination’. Destiny though feels to us as it is something
or some path, that we were designed for. When we spoke about it the other night
we used the expression "you might miss your destiny." Perhaps it is something
we feel in ourselves. It is our path. We of course would say it is our Spiral

Hmmm. We wonder what you think?