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A New Language

There is hardly a more deeply rooted in organisational tension than that of the relationship between men and women. A few years ago I did a Graduate Diploma in Business at RMIT. One of the chapters I wrote for my final paper focussed on one part of this theme. As I discussed it with my […]

Australian PM John Howard on Iraq

Australian Prime Minister, John Howard made a presentation to the Institue for Public Affairs last Wednesday night. We believe it was a missed opportunity. PM Howard likes to see the world purely in terms of right or wrong. This might be morally upright but it is not going to solve the complex and seemingly intractable […]

Learning Moveable Type

Astute readers will notice that chriscurnow.com is powered by Moveable Type. It is a powerful tool with extensive help and an array of support forums. However, there are always times when you could do with some extra help and some tutorials. For this we thoroughly recommend


I’ve just put a new entry in my amazon wish list – In Defense of Globalisation by Jagdish Bhagwati. As a leftist liberal, I used to be very much against globalisation. And I still believe that it has an ugly face. But I am starting to see a distinction between ‘globalisation’ the phenomenom and ‘globalisation’ […]

Alexandra Kerry

Honestly how can Alexandra Kerry’s decision to, or not to wear a bra be newsworthy? What is with this obsession with voyeurism where we have to catch every glimpse of a nipple and publish it all around the world? She was wearing a black dress without a bra. Well maybe that’s something 15 and 16 […]

Kindergarten – the purest form of Education

I like to think back to the times when my children were happiest at school. As I remember all the experiences of my four girls, I invariably think of their time at Kindergarten. This is where they learnt to explore the world outside home in any sort of formal environment. They learnt about getting up […]

Boys, oh Boys

Let’s kill this romantic fantasy that schools in the 60s were a nice place to be. Bully’s ruled and bastardisation was rife.